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Brakes for Less Lynnwood and Power Brake Booster Exchange hosted Graveyard Carz TV show

TV show Filming at Brakes for Less
Graveyard Carz TV film crew

Last week we had some visitors, Graveyard Carz TV show was here filming Brakes for Less and Power Brake Booster Exchange for season 20 on HBO, Mark Worman owner of Graveyard Carz has been working with us for over 25 years, Mark's team wanted to capture the uniqueness of what we do, "Brake systems- from pads to brake boosters", they are the only - one stop shop that does it all, they that specialize in Brakes to boosters, They live and breath it.

Having the knowledge of car brake systems from over 50 years ago to the modern cars, wow, there is a lot to know! Mark R the owner says -We just stay in one Lane and specialize in the world of brakes. The film crew was saying this place is awesome!!, a mix of old and new, a true shop that cares about cars, not spending money on a big fancy building or just being fancy, but putting the money and focus into buying and building the best parts that get put into your car, The team handles brake maintenance, to brake systems, booster restoration, what a great combo.!

With the addition of Power Brake Booster Exchange as part of Brakes for Less Lynnwood under the R2 Auto Machine Family, Owner Mark R and his team are able to specialize on the brake systems. Brakes for Less Lynnwood has become Washington state largest Volume brake shop, We have become this because we care, Honesty, quality and pricing is our core values, We put the best parts available on your vehicle while keeping the prices down, They will not just sell you a brake job using cheap parts, they are not going to do a low quality job, no exception. The team will fully inspect your brake system, let you know the findings in detail and work with you to make the best decision based on your needs and budget, and care requirements.

Over the years we have focused on one thing - "Brake systems", that is what we do, we work on the older cars that need the special love,

brake work being done to collector cars
collector cars getting brake work

We also work on many of the newer cars, from brake pads to rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, abs systems and Electronic parking brake systems,

Mercedes Benz brake job brakes for less
repair work being done to a Mercedes benz

More awesome stuff!!!

Be sure to keep an eye out, in 2024 we are expanding out to offer our brake services in other areas of the state, eventually expanding into Oregon and Idaho. We are keeping our core here in Lynnwood as "brakes for less", but as we move out and expand into other locations, we are expanding, branding and becoming "Hycaliper Brakeworxs", Yes its happening, its years in the making! , We are franchising our core business for one reason- to be able to help our brake customers all over the state!, we realized we could not do it ourselves, so we have configured

a way to be able to reach out and help more customers, but keeping with our core values, We have customers coming to us as far away as 100 miles, some even take the ferries to get to us, or make a day trip in Lynnwood, do some shopping while your car is being worked on, with the new locations we will be able to help more customers, Now- if you would like to be a part of our expansion, please reach out to us, We are looking for some future franchise owners or employees, we are looking for folks that have the same drive and desire to be the best, if you have the desire to be part of the team. Please contact if you would like to speak to us.

Staying with doing things right!,- we are extending our spring offer.

BRAKE SPECIAL - from 4-1-2024 to 4-30-2024

Price Per Front or Rear Axle ***Prices include Premium brake pads and machined rotors**$269.00 Cars

$299.00 SUV, 1/2 Ton Trucks/ Vans

$320.00 3/4 Ton Trucks and Vans

$380.00 1 Ton Trucks and vans, Non Dual wheel rear end

$380.00 High Cube Vans, Fronts labor only, Parts extra, Rears, start at $380 labor, Parts extra

**If Rotors need to be replaced, cost is extra.*** Price may be more on some EV's and Sport / SUV's/ Trucks

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