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Weekly Info- Did you Know?? Rotor Info

How can you ensure your rotors last longer?

There are five ways to increase the life of your rotors.

1. Stop and go driving aggravates rotors. If you are a big city driver, you are probably a big

stop and go type of driver (thanks to traffic). This scenario leads to brakes wearing down

faster, especially your brake pads. Leaving worn brake pads on your vehicle can warp your

rotors, resulting in more expensive repairs.

2. Put an end to excessive brake pedal usage. We’ve all done it – relied on the brake a little

too much. Some drivers, however, make it look like they are braking more than they are

doing. Riding your brake when you don’t need it can wear your pads down pretty fast, and

it is also the leading cause of rotor warp due to the excessive heat generated.

3. Stay off the tail. Conservative driving habits pay dividends in the form of maximizing the life

of your brake parts. Give yourself adequate space from the car in front of you, and you will

find that you need to brake less. Natural deceleration is the best when it comes to

extending the life of your brakes.

4. Retire all Aggressive Driving Habits. Take a look at how you can reduce any aggressive

habits in your driving, and you will find you will save more than just your brakes.

5. Get the junk out of your trunk. The more weight your car has to lug around, the more

brake pressure you will need to bring your car to a stop. Not only that, but the added

weight will wear those brakes down more quickly. Less extra weight means better stopping

power and longer lasting brake components.

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