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2024 Brings good things for "Brakes For Less" your Brake shop, in Lynnwood Wa.

brake repair
Brake repair Brakes for less

Keeping Customer care for our customers is always in the forefront and our priority, We want to take care of you the best we can, Offering only top quality parts, exceeding O.E.M. standards, along with the best quality service possible, doing this in the most respectful way possible. Our core values- keep our customers safe, and do it in a reasonable cost using nothing but high quality components, We have stood behind that for over 35 years, we are your Brake shop in Lynnwood Wa

We have some exciting news, As we move into 2024 we are expanding out in Washington along with Oregon and Idaho, collectively we are becoming "Brakes For Less Northwest", We will be keeping all of our core values and top notch customer service, but being able to

reach out and help more people, that is what we are about, keep checking back with us for updates!, If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee, please reach out to for further information.

Starting Jan 2, we are also implementing our new shop management system, with that we are now able to do Digital Vehicle inspections (DVI), we are able to send you a text or email reviewing our finding on your car, along with that, we are now going to be able to keep track of all your scheduled maintenance requirements and let you know when they are needed, this will help you keep your car in quality shape.

For those of you that have Fleet maintenance issues and concerns, we now have a system to keep track of your needed repairs and track your services completed.

We are getting more involved in keeping you informed of general car car needs, including educational content, seasonal car tips, special discounts and of course, bottom line making sure your car is taken care of, safe and sound. Its the only way we do business.

For those of you that like the older cars, we are also here to help you on that if you have brake issues, let us know, we are here to help, if you are needing brake boosters, rotors, brake booster conversion kits, other brake parts, be sure to visit our web site-, its our sister company, you can also email us at , we are continuously adding the hard to find parts to our "SHOP" on that site, so we have you covered from the ol car restoration to your modern car or truck, Thank you in advance for all of your support through the years, have a great 2024, see you soon.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Brakes for Less / Power brake booster- 39 Chevy, we will be seeing you at the local car shows this summer - Here is a sneak preview! We are bringing her back to its glory days : ) , she was in Super Chevy magazine back in her glory days.

1939 Chevy Power brake booster Car
1939 Chevy Brakes for Less Car

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