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Brakes for Less /
Hycaliper Brakeworx's

Committed to your safety and satisfaction since 1987
Brakes for Less / Hycaliper Brakeworx's

Since 1987, we've come a long way from being a small one-bay brake shop. Today, we proudly stand as the highest-volume brake shop in the state of Washington, all thanks to our valued customers. 


With unyielding dedication, we've honed our skills and built a team that lives and breathes braking and suspension systems. Your safety is our sacred mission, and we never settle for anything less than high-standard parts.


For over 30 years, our passion for safety has driven us to offer free brake inspections, ensuring your ride is always in top-notch condition. Count on us to keep you informed about your brakes' status and recommend any necessary work. 


If no work is needed, we’ll send you on your way free of charge!

AnnieMae Brakes For Less Team Member

Our story doesn't end here – we're geared up for more!

Brakes For Less is expanding across the North West, Franchising and becoming "Hycaliper Brakeworx's" we are venturing into new territories like Oregon, Idaho, and beyond, starting in 2024. 


At our core, we aspire to be your ultimate brake service, ensuring your safety and satisfaction with every visit. As you venture through our website, don't miss out on booking a free brake test or exploring other services we offer.

Buckle up, and let's embark on a thrilling journey together!

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