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Are your brakes talking to you??

Many times your car is trying to tell you something, such as it is having a brake system issue-

here are a few things to be aware of or take note-

- Does your car pull to the right or left while braking?

- Do you see brake fluid on the ground by your tires when the car is parked, or do

you have to add brake fluid at any time?

- Does your brake pedal go to the floor or act mushy?

- Does your brake pedal pulsate when you are applying the brakes?

- Do you hear grinding or screeching while you are driving or putting on the brakes?

- Is your brake light or ABS light on?

These are all signs of brake system issues, some minor, some major, if anyone one of these items are happening, its time to come in and see us for your free evaluation, please do this before these become a major issues, Many times we can do minor repairs that will keep you from having major repairs, thus saving you money.

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