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Weekly info- Did You Know?? Free Brake Inspection

Did you know:

Here at Brakes For Less we provide free brake inspections year round.

What Happens During a Brake Inspection: A brake inspection is a thorough evaluation of your entire

brake system. A brake inspection should always include a thorough examination of your entire brake

system from the pedals to the rotors and drums (the brake parts attached to your wheels),

measurement of front and rear brake pad wear, measurement of rotor wear, measurement of drum

wear, brake fluid test, and parking/emergency brake inspection. Along the way your brake lines should

be checked for leaks and proper hydraulic pressure. Even your external brake lights should be tested.

When and why should I get a brake inspection: When you suspect, worn, contaminated or defective

linings or drum brakes - leakage in brake lines and proper fluid level-worn, contaminated or defective

disc pads or disc rotors

Typically, you should get your brakes inspected every 10000 to 12000 miles or once a year, but check

your vehicles manual for the recommended brake inspection interval. Brake inspections are important

to ensure your safety on the road.

Stay safe out there on the roads!!!! Give us a call or stop on in at any time. We are here for all of your

braking needs.

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