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Check engine light ON? Time for routine maintenance? Do I need quality parts??

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Routine preventative maintenance is one of the most overlooked items on a vehicle, a lot of folks drive a car until they realize something has gone wrong, or that dreaded check engine light is on, by that time, the damage has already been done, a good way to prevent that is -good ol' routine scheduled maintenance.

All auto manufacturers establish routine intervals on which different items on your car will need to be reviewed, or replaced, or adjusted from belt to brakes, using OE parts or better.

It is always so important when replacing parts on your car to use OE ( original equipment) or better, using cheap parts will always come back and haunt you, We only use OE or better parts, we will only put quality parts in your rig. With over 35 years of standing behind "doing it right"- no shortcuts, no low-quality parts allowed, quality parts and experienced service technicians are the only way to ensure proper maintenance, period.

Some of the items that should be reviewed are:

  • Brakes - of course, that is our core business, but we are here to help with the other stuff too

  • Engine oil and filter change- is it low on oil, is my oil light on?

  • wheel bearings- don't want a locked-up wheel

  • Alternator - lights dim?

  • Battery- hard to start when it's cold out?

  • tune-up - is the engine running rough?

  • CV axles - do you hear a clunking noise when you turn?

  • Belts - do you hear a squeak when you start your car?

  • Fluids- radiator, windshield washer, power steering, engine oil, transmission

  • Air cleaners - is it clogged?

  • Tire rotation - Tires wearing funny?

We can go over your vehicle's specific car/truck needs and get it back on track, schedule a good time to come on in and we will discuss your specific needs and get your rig into top shape. Once we get it dialed in for you, our system will email you with notices of the next routine needed.

We desire to make owning a car stress-free as possible, it is our job to help and guide our customers to the best service possible.

Stop on by or schedule your routine maintenance review online - of course, at no charge. We want to make sure your rig is running the best it can, that is what we are here for.

Let us know what we can do to be of help, or if you have any questions on your vehicle needs, have a great day!


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