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Our Services

We work on Asian, Domestic, European, fleet cars, trucks, and vans. We specialize in Subarus and have one of the top techs in the area to work on your rig!

  • Complete brake job including:

    • New OE Pads or Shoes

    • Turning rotors and drums, as needed 

    •  New rotors and drums will be installed as needed

  • EPB- Electric power brake systems

  • Replace Calipers

  • Replace wheel and hub assemblies

  • Wheel bearing replacement

  • Emergency brake components and adjustment

  • Master cylinder replacement

  • Vacuum Booster replacement

  • Power bleed service

  • Suspension component replacement or specialized modifications

  • For other Mechanic services offered, contact us with your specific needs

We now have the following additional services for your convenience while your vehicle is having other services done:

  • Struts and shocks

  • Oil/filter changes

  • Fluid services

  • Wheel bearings

  • CV axles

  • Computer Diagnostics /testing

  • Engine and cabin air cleaners

  • Belts and hose replacement

  • Headlight / taillight replacement

  • Battery

  • Tire rotation

  • Tune-up

  • Water pump

  • Front end steering and suspension 

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